If you’re interested in LREditor, you may want to know a bit more on how it works. There are a few videos to help you on the Youtube Channel¬†here, but this topic will provide you with more details.

That doesn’t prevent you from watching the videos, though ūüôā .

You need to¬†have a project set. If it’s not the case, you can watch¬†this, or read this post to the end.


Setting up a project

First you need to retrieve the LREditor project from github. The url is available on the LREditor page:



Or you can access the github directly here.

Now you just have to download the project as a zip file :



Once you have it, unzip the file ( wherever you want to ).
You should now have a folder named “/LREditor”.

To launch the editor, go¬†in the LREditor folder and search for a file named “lreditor-your_os”.

For windows user, for example, you just need to double-click on the lreditor-windows.bat

You need NodeJS installed for this to work (available here).

You should now see the LREditor in your browser !